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Land'N Gear Calls is run out of a humble shop in Rossville, TN. We are always open to meeting our customers in person, and making/tuning a call to fit their specific needs. 

To us at Land'N Gear Calls, sound quality is our utmost priority. Every call is hand-tuned by Owner, Conner, and will be suited to hunt and perform in all scenarios. Through our proprietary toneboard design, we set the bar for maximum versatility, range, and performance in the call market.


Shipping Time Details
Along with sound quality, we take pride in every call and from the time we start the manufacturing process to the finishing touches. We go over every inch of the call to make sure it is perfect from top to bottom. Land'N Gear Calls is a part time operation currently, but we do everything possible make sure that orders go out as quickly and efficiently as possible all while meeting our high standards. Every call on the site is counted as "in stock" but this could mean that we have the call ready to go or that we will have to make it to order. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


We treat every customer the exact same way that we would want to be treated with a friendly and informative attitude and getting the product you paid for to you as fast as we possibly can. While our calls are designed and manufactured to be able to take the abuse of the hunt, we pride ourselves in making great looking calls as well.

We look forward to building you a one of a kind call and thank you for your support!

As always, if you have any questions regarding the status of your order or want to know current lead time, don't hesitate to message, email, call or text! 

FB: Land'N Gear Calls

Instagram: @landngearcalls


Phone: (901) 282-8245

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