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We stand behind our product 100%. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you have a fully functional, reliable, and great sounding call for years to come.
Click below to download the Tuning & Repairs document that you will send with your call.


The best thing about our calls (as should be with every call) is the sound. If at any point your call does not seem to sound like it used to, or does not fit your calling style, just send it back free of charge and we will give it a fresh reed, cork, and tuneup. All we ask is you pay shipping.

Broken, Cracked Calls

We cover the material used for our calls 100%. If at any point your call chips, cracks, or breaks, resultant from normal use and/or manufacturers defects, we will replace the damaged part free of charge. All we ask is that you pay shipping. We cannot replace calls free of charge for dropped, smashed, or any other user-inflicted damage. Replacement of these parts will be 40% of the purchase price. Read below for ways to ensure your calls safety for a lifetime:

  1. As great of a place your truck is to practice calling, try not to leave your calls in there year-round, ESPECIALLY in the scorching heat of summer. Resin, Poly, Wood, Acrylic, Delrin, and any other material used to make duck calls will expand and contract with temperature and pressure changes. This puts unnecessary stress and strain on parts of the call that it might not survive from. Keep them in a temperature controlled environment MOST of the time if at all possible. 

  2. Keep your calls in jacket/waders during the slow times of a hunt. Obviously it is essential to have your calls at an easy access point when hunting, but many times when moving around inside a pit or blind your calls will swing around and hit the side of the pit or blind. This trauma combined with the extreme cold could cause a call to fracture. This advice is most essential in a pit because of the hardness of the metal. 


Swapping Models

Everyone calls differently and requires different call properties to be able to maximize their calling ability. Alot can be accomplished by tuning a call to a specific persons needs, but sometimes more drastic measures are required and thats where the shape of the toneboard and exhaust bore size come into play. If you ordered a Land'N Gear Call and have had it tuned to try and fit your calling style best, but it is still not working for you, you can send us back your call and we will swap out the insert with one of a different model. This offer is valid up to 2 weeks after receiving call. This offer does not extend to custom inserts, only standard designs. All we ask is you pay shipping.
*This only applies if the call you currently have is a generation that we are currently selling. We will not swap old parts for new.*

Lost Parts

The O'ring fitted on our inserts and double looping our calls on your lanyard can solve misplacing a part to your call most of the time. But we know, crazy things can happen. So if you ever lose a part to your call, we will replace the part for 40% + shipping of what you paid for the call.

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