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​The Ragin' Hen is an advanced call that is very aggressive and loud. This call is a J-frame style call with a massive bore. This call can scream on top and come down to some great cadences and feeds. This call will be great in open fields and can break through strong winds to reach high-flyers. This call is only offered in Single Reed.

These calls can be customized however you like with premium woods, different acrylics, inlays, tips, etc. Click here to see other custom calls we have made.

Ragin' Hen | Hand-Turned


Single Reed: Our single reed call is designed to have a very ducky sound with a lot of character. The call takes a little bit more experience to operate correctly opposed to double reed.

All of our calls offer our proprietary technology that minimizes sticking and lock-ups. All our calls have the ability to range from low chatters and quacks to attention-getting high balls, all operating in the harshest of conditions. 

*Disclaimer: This call is designed for experienced callers that know how to control pressure and air speed. 

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