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Why We're Here.

To us at Land'N Gear Calls, sound quality is our utmost priority. Every call is hand-tuned by Owner, Conner Wilson, and will be suited to hunt and perform in all scenarios. Through our proprietary toneboard design, we set the bar for maximum versatility, range, and performance in the call market.
Along with sound quality, we hold the following characteristics very highly in our business model: customer service, timely shipping, appearance, durability, and customization. We treat every customer the exact same way that we would want to be treated with a friendly and informative attitude and getting the product you paid for to you as fast as we possibly can. In the call world, there are calls known as "hunters" and "shelf queens". "Hunters" might not always be the prettiest to look at, but they sound incredible and are made to take the abuse of the hunt. "Shelf queens" usually take a whole lot of craftsmanship on the end of the maker, and will sit on a shelf to look pretty for a life-time. While our calls are designed and manufactured to be able to take the abuse of the hunt, we pride ourselves in making great looking calls as well. Our materials and call design specifications make a very durable call that will be able to hunt as long as you want to hunt it. And finally, our specialty, we pride ourselves in being able to offer customization opportunities that no other call maker can match. With our 3D printed calls, you can easily and affordably receive a completely custom call that will be one-of-a-kind designed exactly how you want it.

What we offer.

At the heart of all our calls will be a 3D printed toneboard conforming to one of our 5 call models: The Machete, The Machete LP, The Bring Em Down, The Sassy Susie, or The Sweet Talk. No matter what material the outside "shell" of the call is, you can rest assured that every call sent out will have the same sound and performance that has proven itself time and time again.

What Drives Us.

It happens the same way every year. Anticipation builds. You're counting down the days until it's back to the daily grind of early mornings, lots of coffee, and enjoying the most beautiful sunrises in the world. As you head out for opening day and you see the first group of ducks flying in the distance, you start to call. You've practiced for countless hours on your calling, taken your calls with you everywhere you go, you know you're prepared. In this moment it doesn't matter where you are, how cold you are, what you have going on later that day, you just want one thing: to bring those greenheads in. 

​Here at Land'N Gear Calls, we know those feelings, we know how important your call is, we realize the importance of superior sound and unparalleled customization. 3-D technology has opened the door to unrivaled precision in mimicking the sound of a duck, and we strive day-in and day-out to make perfect calls with perfect sound through the use of this new technology. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal - that is why product customization is so important to us. Our staff here at Land'N Gear Calls promises nothing but the best, and as you raise the bead on those birds you just called in, you will realize this too.



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